InPlace® Workshop Preview

Introductory Module, Behavioral Health Program (8 min)

Viewing this module from start to finish is the best introduction to SafeSide InPlace® Learning.

The InPlace® Workshop is the foundational experience for a program of ongoing learning and support. Teams work together through specially designed modules that teach and demonstrate best practices, and prompt group interaction. A participant-facilitator advances the videos and keeps the group on track.

In this preview, you'll experience:

  • a brief introduction to the SafeSide Framework
  • clinical and lived experience co-teaching
  • embedded prompts and timers for groups to apply/adapt material to local context and culture.
  • our invitation to participants to engage in live Monthly Office Hours and other opportunities to get questions answered, hear new ideas, and build their professional network.

Introductory Module (8 min)

This preview is excerpted from SafeSide's program for Behavioral Health settings. InPlace® Workshops for Youth Services and Primary Care follow a similar format.

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